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Thread: Diy Gallery

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    I'm Keith.


    Thank you Alan. I am very much enjoying this pre.

    The transformers are Novetem's.

    Good to hear that you are enjoying the improvements that Simon's boards bring to the Paradise.
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    I'm Simon.


    I've been building a little chipamp.

    Actually they're not that little. That's about 250mm deep, 180mm high and 240mm wide.

    Weighs a shit tonne as well. 110w a side into 4 ohms.
    Kuzma Stabi/S 12", (LP12-bastard) DC motor and optical tacho psu, Benz LP, Paradise (phonostage). MB-Pro, Brooklyn dac and psu, Bruno Putzeys balanced pre, mod86p dual mono amps, Yamaha NS1000m

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