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Thread: Diy Links

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    Default Diy Links

    Heres a few links to places I've used in the past where I've had parts etc from for various diy projects
    Also any other interesting diy links in no particular order

    Decibel Dungeon, this is the actual site that first got me into diy, lots of interesting stuff on there especially for those wanting a bash at Chipamps http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/nuukspot/decdun/

    AYA dac designed by Pedja Rogic, The bare pcb was brought from here http://www.pedjarogic.com/ (no longer running) He now owns this company selling half kits and fully built dacs http://www.audialonline.com/html/home.php
    Pedja is a great chap to deal with, very helpful, highly recommended

    Paul Hynes http://www.paulhynesdesign.com/ Got to be the best discrete regulators I've ever tried, recently used in the Sabre based dac

    ALW super regs , bare pcbs or fully built regs can be brought here http://www.at-view.co.uk/alwsr.htm , they also sell the SB+ (based on a hghly modified Squeezebox) I've not heard the SB+ but its reported to be very good

    Twisted Pear Audio http://www.twistedpearaudio.com/news.aspx Dac modules, amps etc

    Avondale Audio http://avondaleaudio.com/ Nice range of diy modules and ready built kit

    World Design http://wduk.worldomain.net/ Nice valve amp kits, also have an excellent forum

    Hypex http://www.hypex.nl/ UCD modules

    Shiny metal, http://www.ezdiyaudio.com/ I got the PCM1794 based dac pcb from here, as far as I know they only sell bare pcbs

    Audiocom http://www.audiocominternational.com/

    RS http://uk.rs-online.com/web/

    Farnell http://www.farnell.com/

    Cricklewood electronics http://www.cricklewoodelectronics.co...ewood/home.php

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    Another site aimed at basic diy. Some controversial opinions perhaps, but his published circuits work. http://www.lampizator.eu/

    Three good places to buy bits from..



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    A good source for cases, and a few other bits.



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    A few excellent sites to take a gander at. In the interests of disclosure, they're all run by friends of mine, but I have nothing to gain by pointing you toward them & someone might find them useful, if speakers are your thing.

    www.quarter-wave.com -Martin King's site. If you like TL etc theory, & heavyweight math, this is your kind of site. There are also some excellent projects there.

    www.planet10-hifi.com -various drivers, many excellent cabinet plans & other things

    http://www.geocities.com/rbrines1/ Bob Brines's site. Sells speakers (if you're in the US) & plans worldwide for some excellent BR & MLTL cabinets. Also some very well written articles on various speaker-related subjects.

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    Default Supplier

    Another supplier of components is N.R. Bardwell
    It's mainly cheap surplus-type stuff but perfect for picking up general tinkering/prototyping supplies as so so much cheaper than R.S. or Farnell (also a proper shop in Sheffield - worth popping in if you're in that neck of the woods)

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    Default Nikko Electronics

    Nikko Electronics
    Very good at getting hard to find parts
    Main Sys. N.A.S DAIS; 12" Ace Space , Benz Micro Wood SL, Timesteep T-01MC, Quad Platinum DMP, Quad Platinum Pre, FM4,Quad Platinum Stereo, Quad ESL 63, PRC4 RCM, Chord XLR, Mark Grant G1000HD, Black Mamba's. Stax SRM600 SR507
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    Default Useful link to speaker cab dampening / acoustic foam materials

    System: Turntable : SP10 MKII slate plinth, Custom Ebony tonearm board, Arm : Fidelity Research FR64s, Cartridge : SPU Royal N. SUT : Lundahl 1:13. Phonostage : Icon Audio, Digital CD spinner, Serious USB->I2S streaming, ADC / DSP XO / Pre / 4 DAC's : WAF Najda, Poweramps : 3 x EL84 SET's, 2 x D class amps on bass channels, Speakers : 5 way front loaded horn system: 2 X Tapped sub 15" LF drivers / 2 X Exponential mid bass 15" drivers / Tractrix 200Hz mid horns with JBL2482's, / Tractrix 550Hz upper wooden horns with factory refurb'd Vitavox S2's / Raal Lazy Ribbons as high frequency tweeters. Wires: good silver or good copper where best suited. DIY RCM.

    Maker of counterweights, tonearm boards, Tannoy GRF style speaker cabinets, horn speakers and more.
    For more information about my creations and products please click below

    http://fosworld.wixsite.com/magna-audio & on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/magna_audio/

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    Modu Shop / HiFi 2000, some of the nicest and most reasonably priced aluminium cases anywhere.

    Front Panel Express. Online CAD designed & CNC cut / engraved panels.

    Aussie Amplifiers. veryr nice transiston amp modules.

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    Good Canadian supplier of parts:

    Great supplier of raw cable, connectors etc.

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    Not so much for parts, but for inspiration; Homebuilt Hi-fi user uploaded image gallery.

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