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Thread: Car Boot Sales

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    Default Car Boot Sales

    As a couple of you know, I am on a mission to sort out my garage. I am going down the "Home Office" route and as my garage is enormous it makes more sense to turn two thirds of it into an office and construct a garden shed for all of, well, garden stuff!

    The crap I have pulled out is quite astonishing so I decided to "do a Car Boot"!
    Like you do. Anyhow I did a bit of research and decided to go to one organised by the local Rotary Club as all of the proceeds were for a good cause and it was local and modest in size, and there was a decent Cafe on the site - Bacon Butties

    Anyhow, as I pulled up on my pitch allocated to me - Vultures descended. It was amazing, people were unloading the car for me just to see what I had. I sold three largish things before they were actually out of the car. The Boot Sale officially started at eight and this was 7.15 so i was caught completely off guard. Then as the morning wore on it became apparent to me that there were a number of people who were wandering about buying a LOT of stuff, I could see them going back to their cars and literally filling them with swag.

    So I started asking about. These people were actually at their wholesale outlet, not a Car Boot. They were buying up "stock" thenm travelling off the following - next - weekend to a massive Car Boot sale a bit further afield and resell this stuff. I was astonished. This is another economy, completely under the radar.

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    I used to get to boot sales as early as possible & snaffle up likely looking stereo & hifi kit.. Take it home, fix it & sell it

    I'd still be doing it now if I had transport, it was a handy second income
    Bests, Mark

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    You would be extremely lucky if you found any hi-fi at all at a boot sale around East Cornwall

    Last year I went to one near Polperro and the best item I ever saw was a Technics 1210 that was truly fit for the dump and nothing else. This clown was asking 300 for it and he said "they fetch an awful lot of money on ebay", but his rose tinted glasses seemed to have completely missed the lack of an arm, no mat, the plinth scratched to hell, a broken lid, the cue light busted off and the platter was almost white with corrosion. He was rather miffed when I offered him a straight swap with my ice cream because that was all it was worth

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    I've not been to boot sales for years, i noticed a change when things like on line auctions appeared. Believe me i've had some awesome finds on boots in the past..one of my best ones was Moog 'Mini Moog Model D' synthesizer, ARP 'Odyssey', rare silver faced model synthesizer, wait for it both from the same guy 75.00 the pair. EMS 'VCS-3 synthesizer 40.00.. Numerous amounts Vintage gear for next to nothing, i bought my old 'TD124' from a booty 50 i think it was...These days i very much doubt i'd pick anything of intrest up, people are too clued up these days..

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    I'm a regular at mine! Last visit was the weekend before last and I came home with an original 1983 vintage front-loading Technics SL-P10 CD player for 5.

    Reminds me - still haven't tried it yet. Where did I put it?

    I have used them several times as a seller for general household clearouts but am finding them too much hassle for too little return these days. The last straw was someone at the last one I did openly laughing at me asking 15 for an immaculate Brabantia kitchen bin. I did manage to shut him up by pulling out my phone, finding the John Lewis website and proving to him that it currently retails for 109, but he still seemed unable to comprehend that I would ask more than 1 for it.

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    Very little gear appears on the Boot's around my neck of the woods but I have purchased loads of cheapo vinyl with some rarities. I managed a pair of Celestion ditton 15's with stands for 30. I've bought a couple of valve radios for a fiver but thats been about it.

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    The last boot sale I did I sold everything I took including the car...

    The 'descending vulture' thing is a bit of a shock the first time I must admit
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    Quote Originally Posted by Macca View Post
    The 'descending vulture' thing is a bit of a shock the first time I must admit
    What really f***** me off about the first one I went to was not only the descending vultures rooting out the best stuff, but the fact that the pikey c**** NICKED most of the stuff - fair enough trying to get in for first dibs but then to steal it... I was livid, and the next time I went I took a big stick, a surly attitude and a rottweiler wife, then unloaded the car one box at a time - without problems!

    I have been to a few last year, but never found a thing hifi. (Odd bit of midi system and the like, but nothing "proper".) My father-in-law goes religiously every week and I've been training him up how to recognise vintage Tannoys and the like!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Macca View Post

    The last boot sale I did I sold everything I took including the car...

    At least you had the bus fare home.


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    We have started going to carboots for clothes for Connie ... I was put off the idea thinking it would all be crap but the standard of baby clothes at carboots in worcester is amazing
    on sunday we bought 5 items of next clothing in mint condition for 1 and a pair of Clarke's red patent leather shoes for 1

    I just go to find cameras, Ive found a few in the past, nothing that special, but i have made a profit on everything i have bought!
    not once have i seen a bit of hifi that i would concider hifi

    on the subject of vultures ... there is one who goes to the booty we frequent, he looks a little like he has evolved specifically for car boots! he has a hunch back that seems to allow him some extra reach over the surface of the tables and a long nose with a pair of reading glasses perched on the end that he uses to inspect things ... in fact, now i think about it he actually looks like a vulture!! definitely looks like a Terry Pratchet character ... from what i have seen he only buys gold! ... ill see if i can get a photo of him next weekend!

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