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Thread: Massive price hike for AT carts

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    Default Massive price hike for AT carts

    I had the opportunity to chat with Dave at SoundHifi and he informed me that audiotechnica have upped their wholesale prices by some 70%.

    Yikes! I was considering an OC9-MLII at the old price but I took too much time to make up my mind.

    On the other hand for those that don't mind going direct to a japanese source the AT33PTG and AT33EV can be had at US$369 and $549 respectively plus shipping. (look here ; http://www.audiocubes2.com/brand/Audio-Technica.html )

    Do the sums and even if you have to pay import duty and VAT on top your going to get a great cartridge at an unbeatable price.

    Can't wait to get my mitts on the the AT33PTG that I ordered.

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    The Dollar is now worth 40% more than it was last summer. I think the Yen has increased in value even more. Its inevitable that the prices of anything purchased in Dollars, Yen or indeed Euro's will have to rise significantly.

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    Does anyone know the AT-32E cartridge ? I was wondering if it is the grandfather of the AT-33. The body shape is very similar but shiny silver and the box talks of a gold covered beryllium cantilever which all sounds very impressive.
    I have come across some other NOS models too - AT-25, AT-14Sa,AT-34eII, AT-15SS, AT-F3, AT-24 etc. etc. Some of them come as an integral part of a headshell arrangement (AT-34eII). I know cartridges are supposed to have perishable parts but these have been stored away in boxes and cartons and I was wondering if any might be worth a punt.
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