We have received notice from Google that they have disabled ad-serving to The Art of Sound on the basis of alleged 'copyright infringement'.

The specific violation has not been made clear, but since 'Needledrops' and other sample rips have always been a 'grey area' we are currently taking a precautionary approach and removing links to these recordings, and we request that members do not post further links to recordings like this.

The team will remind you if they spot these kind of links in the future, and will remove them as necessary.

I know that the intention of these posted recordings is not to infringe copyright, but unfortunately the Google Adsense terms of service consider them in violation, and Google Ads help cover some of the costs of running AoS, which is free to all, trade and members alike.

Links to YouTube, Spotify etc are not affected by this.

Many thanks for your support.