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Thread: .... & some of Jerry's power amps

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    I'm Jerry.

    Default .... & some of Jerry's power amps

    Papworth M100 valve monoblocks .... pretty, but a bit bland sounding

    This is a much better sounding valve amp, imo ... Art Audio Quintet

    Some NuForce Reference 8 class D monos ... real musical, I like class D !

    So here's another one - a Veritas P400

    And an Aura PA200 'conventional' solid state ... very good indeed ...

    ... but not as good as the NVA A80 monos that replaced it and currently do the honours chez-Jerry...

    Not very exciting to look at, but they sound fantastic!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jandl100 View Post

    That a Rega 2 your using for a shelf?

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