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    Default The basics of Ethos

    I'll make mine short and sweet, the three categories of Ethos are as follows:

    Arete; Virtuosity and goodness.

    Eunoia; Goodwill to those you address.

    Phronesis; Using wisdom and knowledge in a practical way.

    I'll be using the above as guidelines for how I use this forum, I hope you'll agree.

    Things we really like here:

    Friendly people.

    Differences of opinion discussed sensibly.

    Pictures and lots of them!

    Humorous banter.

    Liberal use of the smilies. etc etc

    Things we don't like here:

    Defamatory comments about any manufacturers or dealers.

    Defamatory comments about any other member of this forum or any other hi-fi forum.

    'Willy waving' (i.e. boasting about one's system in a monetary value sense).

    Swearing excessively. The occasional bit may slip thorough, but nobody wants to hear 'f this' and 'f that' all day long.

    And no porn or links to porn please.

    That's about it really.
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