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Thread: eclipse cd101 mk11

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    Default eclipse cd101 mk11

    Just bought one of these for a tenner of a guy in bethnal green !
    got it home,unplugged my kenwood cd player,and put this one in,well o.m.g
    i cannot believe the sound difference !
    It was cheap new,but for a tenner its superb,any thoughts views or any info on
    this funny looking little thing,i am not kidding,there is a real difference
    cant understand it?

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    Sounds a bargain John - they were pretty good "bargain basement" players in their day (Richer Sounds special, I think?) and a good introduction into what a "separates" player could do. Enjoy!

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    Wonder if anyone knows what the "space" button is for on the front of this cd player?
    i cant work it out,and cant find any info on the net?

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    Is to give a larger gap between tracks when recording?
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    My MD deck has a space feature (not a button, but an entry in the menu). It puts an additional gap between tracks during playback. I guess the eclipse will do something similar.

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    Yes ,I think that is correct ! Took the plunge
    And pushed the button ,it apears to pause for a few seconds
    Between tracks,would that have been for home tapeing?

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    Sounds like a good tenners' worth! Googling it found this, from Singapore, I think. Good if you like ZZTop

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    Good article Bob
    i like this little player,i love my vinyl,but equally
    i have about a million cds ,and i do like to play them,as i am on a budget i thought this a good deal! saves me having to use the bose for anything except the radio now!

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    Ahh... the Eclipse CD101..

    Takes me back to our house-share system - Eclipse CD101 and Sony tape/vinyl/receiver entertainment system with some dynatron speakers.

    I think the CD101 was considered something decent for original bargain basement Richer Sounds type purchases, like say a Cambridge Audio CD4

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    Smile cd101

    Yeah,did sound lovely,alas its started to scuff and scratch,shame really
    had a nice tone to it,have gone back to my kenwood cd player at the min,until i work out what to do with the little eclipse!
    Just on the off chance any ideas what could cause this?,its not dirty and the disk is fine?

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