Those who are in the trade are welcome to register on this site and post anywhere on the forum, especially if they feel they have something to offer members, by responding to his/her specific needs as outlined in any given post or thread. All we ask is that you wear your 'trade member hat', as it were, so that ordinary members can distinguish clearly between fellow punters offering impartial advice, and those in the trade, in a position to sell them something.

This room is therefore for trade members to introduce/promote themselves and their businesses, post their sales lists and links to their own sites. Fundamentally, it is for the SOLE purpose of our trade members to advertise and sell their products, and for those who are genuinely interested in buying items advertised for sale (or making serious enquiries), to post comments, if necessary.

It is NOT, under any circumstances, for people to 'thread crap', by discrediting or undermining (intentionally or not) the validity or functionality of the products being advertised, or to critically 'challenge' them in any way, or the prices being charged, nor is it the place to bring up any off-topic disputes between members and traders.

Should anyone consider that the latter is necessary, then a separate thread should be started in the appropriate section in the main areas of the forum (or a PM directed to the trade member in question or to admin), where constructive criticism of any products or services can then be carried out in the appropriate manner. Anyone not complying with this rule may be banned for a week (at the discretion of the forum owner), without further warning.