Art of Sound Electrical Safety Advice

The Art of Sound is an open forum for music lovers and a place where all members can share their views on music and the equipment used for its reproduction.

The forum also caters for those who are interested in the DIY aspect of everything related to the audio replay chain, and therefore there will always be a healthy number of DIY articles and discussions in threads across the forum. Given the number of these, it is not possible to monitor or moderate all technical aspects of posts made by members.

The Art of Sound would therefore like to remind all who read such articles that while we encourage discussions on all audio related DIY we cannot and will not accept liability for the information given on any DIY related matters contained in any thread or posts herein.

We strongly advise extreme caution when considering any modification or building projects described, especially those concerning any mains voltage related upgrades, earth modifications and/or any other high voltage related modifications or building projects.

Unless you are suitably qualified or otherwise capable of carrying out such modifications/suggestions, then we strongly advise you consult qualified personnel.

We would also like to remind all our members and readers that some or all of the modifications found within the threads and posts of the forum may not be legal in certain countries and therefore advice on the legalities or otherwise should be sought before carrying out such modifications.