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Thread: Spinning Today (Classical version)

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    Arrow Spinning Today (Classical version)

    Thought I'd start a 'Spinning Today' thread, classical version - so let's hear all about the classical tunes you're spinning every day

    I popped into a charity shop in Mold today and got the following on minty vinyl:

    Bruckner - Symphony No.3 In D Minor (Bernard Haitink - recorded 1968)

    Beethoven - Piano Concerto No.5 In E Flat, Op 73 "Emperor" with Vienna Symphony Orchestra (William Van Otterloo) recorded in 1968

    Bruckner - Seventh Symphony In E Major with Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (Wilhelm Furtwangler)

    Camille Saint-Saëns - Symphonies Nos.1 in E Flat and No.2 in A Minor, with the Orchestre National de L'O.R.T.F (Jean Martinon) recorded in 1973

    Bruckner - String Quartet In C Minor/Intermezzo for String Quartet with The Keller Quartet

    Tchaikovsky - Casse Noisette, Ballet Suite, Op. 71a, Le Lac Des Cygnes, Ballet-Suite, Op.20 with London Pro Musica Symphony (Albert Reeves)

    Tchaikovsky - Symphony No.6 in B Minor, Opus 74 'Pathetique' with The London Philharmonic Orchestra (Sir Adrian Boult)

    Sibelius - Symphony No.5 In E Flat, Op. 82/Karelia Suite, Op.11 with The London Symphony Orchestra (Alexander Gibson)

    Schumann - Piano Conerto in A Minor, Op.54 Papillons, Op.2 Arabesque, Op.18 with The London Symphony Orchestra (Josef Krips), Wilhelm Kempff, Piano

    Tchaikovsky - Swan Lake/"1812" Overture/Romeo And Juliet with The Nord Deutsches Symphony Orchestra and The London Philharmonic Orchestra (Wilhelm Rohr/Sir Adrian Boult

    Tchaikovsky - Suite No.3 in G, Op.55 (Theme and Variations) with The Paris Conservatoire Orcherstra, Symphony No.3 in D Major, Op.29 "Polish" with The London Philharmonic Orchestra (Sir Adrian Boult) Recorded in 1971

    Camille Saint-Saëns - Symphony No3 "Organ Symphony", Gaston Litaize, Organ with The Chicago Symphony Orchestra (Daniel Barenboim) recorded in 1976

    Taneiev/Glazounov - Symphony No.2/Symphony No.5 with The Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra (Vladimir Fedoseyev) Recorded in 1975

    Richard Strauss - Don Juan, Op.20, Also Sprach Zarathustra, Op.30 with The Chicago Symphony Orchestra (Fritz Reiner) Recorded in 1961

    Rachmaniniov - Symphony No2 In E Minor, Op.27 with The Detroit Symphony Orchestra Recorded in 1958

    Carl Orff - Carmina Burana, Gundula Janowitz, Gerhard Stolze, Dietrich Fisher-Dieskau with The German Opera Berlin (Eugen Jochum) Recorded in 1968

    Bruckner - Symphony No.6 In A Major with The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (Joseph Keilberth) Recorded in 1963

    Bach - Fernando Germani plays Bach at the Royal Festival Hall (including Toccata and Fugue in D Minor) Recorded in 1960

    Bruckner - Symphony No.7/ Te Deum with Netherlands Radio Chorus Concertgebouw Orchestra, Amsterdam (Bernard Haitink) Recorded in 1967

    Mahler - Symphony No.3 Maureen Forrester, Contralto, Women's Chorus of the Netherlands Radio Boys' Chorus of St-Willibrod's Church Amsterdam, Concertgebouw Orchestra, Amsterdam (Bernard Haitink) Recorded in 1966

    Not bad getting all that for £20!

    Off to spin them now...........


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    Hat's off to you Marco, that's quite a haul for only 20 of your English pounds!

    Two Bruckner 7's in there too, fantastic
    "People will hear what you tell them to hear" - Thomas Edison

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    Hi Tim,

    Yes I was rather pleased with it myself, and they're all in wonderful condition!


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    Charles Avison Six Concertos Op 3 - Avison Ensemble, on Naxos

    Schubert Impromptus - Alfred Brendel, on Philips Duo
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    Oh I forgot to mention two 10" albums I got on the Decca label (again both minty):

    Bizet - Symphony in C Major with L'Orchestre da la Suisse Romande (Ernest Ansermet) Recorded in 1960.

    Wagner - Die Meistersinger Von Nurnberg, Prelude to Act 3 with The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra (Hans Knappertsbusch).

    Both are excellent!


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    Default re: spinning today Classical

    Hi Marco!

    I just felt that you were the most friendly member on this site. Others have been kind of rude to me and unpolite. I am not british, so there are cultural differences of course, most members missunderstood me and some other administor deleted the images of my system which took nearly a day to upload and he insisted that i use Imageschak to upload again. Well maybe i don't get their sense of humor and slangs and forgive me if i am not too much into computers and feel lost in a sea of links and hyper links and registrations, passwords, to upload your images click here, etc...

    Could i modestly suggest to you one truly outstanding Symphony? Very well recorded too!
    MAHLER Symp num 2 "Resurrection" with vladimir jurowsky conducting The Philharmonic Orchestra at the Royal festival hall in 2009. It is captured live and just been released two month ago on LPO's own label, and believe me it is THRILLING and that is an understatement.
    This is the best version right now and it wipes with the floor with the recent performances of the same of Mariss Jansen and The Concertgebauw Orchestra and also Rattle's and Ivan Fisher's.
    The price is...well that is relative, not cheap but it is on two discs and it is worth every penny. i call it THE MIRACLE VERSION, THE SYMPHONY!
    To really enjoy it i think you need a very wide dynamic range, a nearly full range floorstander would do it justice and also in my modest opinion a three way dynamic speaker would be much better than a two way, stats or panels in this instance.

    I hope i did not offend you unintentionaly because of the different use of words and language, different cultures...
    I am nice guy really.

    sincere and warm regards,

    Roger Rahal

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    The Keilberth Bruckner 6 is a great recording. Is your copy on the telefunken label or a reissue?


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    Telefunken, dude


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    Just realised that I mis-filed this post. This sub-thread is the more appropriate place.

    Samuel Barber – Adagio for Strings

    - it seemed appropriate.

    I prefer the choral version, but the images are inappropriate on this occasion:

    Followed by

    Györgi Ligeti – Atmosphères


    Philip Glass – Koyannisqatsi


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    Currently listening, on vinyl, to Beethoven Piano Concerto No5 "Emperor", Friedrich Gulda, piano, Orchestra of the Vienna State Opera, Hans Swarowsky, conductor. Recorded in 1970 on Synchro Concert Hall Records.

    This is rather excellent


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