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Thread: Recommended Delivery Companies

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    Quote Originally Posted by snapper View Post
    As per title.

    Can you recommend any delivery companies.

    Any companies you have used that are to be avoided.

    A lump of treadmill (motor) was collected from th repair man in Prestatyn on the 14 (Thursday). Nothing was seen of it by the following Tuesday and the tracking number was getting no where.

    I e mailed DHL, who mailed back (promptly ) to say they no longer deal with this stuff....great . Number supplied to contact.

    Here the tale improves....The guy on the other end was very helpful. My package was now in Lichfield (so had passed Shropshire and gone out the other side) so it was positively located.

    It is now due for delivery on Tues.

    Apparently the address wasn't very clear, so they couldn't drop it, despite knowing my postcode.

    Its a good job I wasn't in a hurry for it. At least it wasn't lost tho' which would have been seriously bad news.

    Sending the stuff up....DHL quoted 11...meant I had to wait around for it to be collected (4.00pm eventually). Bad mistake; royal mail would have done it for 14....no waiting around.

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    Not mentioning any names but i'm getting sick & tired of Couriors not turning up to pick up my parcels. Again sat around since 7:00am waiting, i was suppose to be at work 40 mins ago, when i pay for a specific time slot i expect it, i don't pay extra for the laugh.. when you telephone to ask what they are playing at, you get zero joy. If they don't turn up i'll have the buyer moaning at me it not being at his end by Friday

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    when you telephone to ask what they are playing at, you get zero joy.
    Interesting... What excuse do they give you?

    I've been involved in similar situations. One time when the driver turned up (three hours late), I said to him (I don't hold back when I receive shit service): "Are you the clown who was meant to be here three hours ago?", to which he replied: "Aye, that'll be me!"

    I couldn't help laughing!

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    Default ParcelFarce Again

    Now my Shelter cartridge has been in limbo for 5 days. Apparently it left Hong Kong on 11th but hasn't arrived here yet. Did they send it by hot air balloon? Rowing boat? Who knows...

    I'm ready to do battle with ParcelFarce again and will try to go collect it before it reaches one of their 'vans of doom'.

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    Maybe its a customs delay, 5 days so far is not really long at all.

    I guess it at the customs hub with thousands of other packages but not scanned so no tracking update yet.

    Think how much stuff must come in from Hong Kong, most of it with low declared value on the label.

    There is often a long delay when packages arrive at the Coventry hub customs clearance if I remember correctly. Then a delay when it is stored at your local depot while they post a letter about customs charges and wait for them to be paid.

    Parcelforce are generally OK except for delays with incoming international parcels.

    The longest delay I had with parcel force was about 3 to 4 weeks with a box of connectors from Japan that cost 2000.00

    Delay at customs 'hub', then after paying the customs fee the parcel was 'lost' for weeks in our local depot. It was 'out for delivery' according to the computers but stayed like that for weeks.........

    I only ever found the package as I went to the depot with the customs letter and proof of payment and someone found it after about 10 minutes. It had been put in the wrong part of the warehouse for my postcode....................

    To be fair to the staff, most of them are excellent, just the company as a whole has a problem, everyone has too much to do.
    Our local delivery driver is excellent and so is the member of office staff I deal with at the local depot.

    I now use UPS or Fedex for incoming international parcels, Japan to UK can be two days sometimes if a fast service is paid for Does cost more though.

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    It took about three weeks for my Choir Audio SUT to arrive from the USA via ParcelForce, so I'm not holding my breath.

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    DPD & City Link are the worst couriers i've ever used. Give you a date, tex you the morning of the delivery/collection and then just don't show up It's happened too often and now I will only use Royal Mail/Parcelforce, because for all their faults, they have never failed to show. Hermes have also been very reliable. It's all probably down to me living on the very edge of the civilised world but it's hardly rocket science to find the place

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    I long ago abandoned City Link (the absolute worst) and ParcelFarce (hopeless).

    These days I use DHL booked through Parcel2Go.

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    Again. it is all down to personal experience but I have never had a problem with CitiLink. I order computer components from eBuyer quite regularly and they use CL to ship their stuff and it has always arrived promptly and in excellent condition. I've not used them to ship anything however.

    I avoid Hermes like the plague as they seem to be engaged in a genocidal campaign to rid the country of speakers. Not only were they responsible for killing my Celestion County's with a forklift, but I have since discovered from subsequent conversations with several ebayers that they have had similar experiences with the company when shipping speakers. It would seem Hermes are quite capable of delivering other hifi equipment without breakages however...
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    Quote Originally Posted by synsei View Post
    I've not used them to ship anything however.
    This in my experience is where the problem lies with City Link. I have used them twice to collect from my home address and once from work. Both times from home they failed to turn up on the day booked (arrived next day - so 2 days of waiting in for them) and from work they arrived outside the agreed collection times of 0900 - 1730 (they arrived at 1820). Not very good for collections in my experience. I won't use them again.

    But, Ebuyer deliveries have always been OK for me as well.
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