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Thread: Speed Camaras - A Necessary Evil?

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    I once saw that at a rather lucrative site near me. Well, what I actually saw from a distance as I approached was an orange ball of light mid-air by the roadside. I thought it was an angel appearing to announce the second coming.

    It was even better than that...

    My middle-aged female passengers asked if perhaps the fire brigade should be called. I said it could wait until the next day.

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    I'm Dave.


    Definitely revenue generating for Gordon Sodding Brown. Very little to do with road safety, there is not one camera in Bracknell near an accident blackspot but loads half way down hills and where the speed limit used to be 50 but is now 30. I detest those vans they park in various places and stick the camera out the back, I would love to lob a grenade in - not a live one but I would love to see the reaction.

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