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  1. Yep, you’re right.
    The difference just between the Quantum’s at 75 watts with their heavier damping factor and the Exposure is noticeable.
    Problem is mate, I can’t afford what I want.
    The NuForce were fantastic with the grip and speed but not as musical as the NADM2; not a lot in it pricewise though.
    The other problem is my current place just cant take that sort of power. I know you’ll understand this but many don’t, if I turn the volume up the place really does start to self dismantle, the glasses fall off the shelves, the furniture shakes and that isn’t pleasant listening.
    Need to move really.
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    John, imo on the amplification side you need something with some guts to drive that Volt driver & ABR. Complex load m8 & wide impedance swings in a narrow bandwidth, i reckon you should be looking at something more powerful than 100W/channel in all honesty.

    You may not need all the power, but something hefty will get a grip on them. Probably quite like that NAD digital amp did The specs on that thing were very nice indeed What was the damping factor again, something wild like well over 1000?

    That's what you need to control the LF imo

    Have a good weekend fella!
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    I'm pretty self contained actually John I live on my own so i guess i'm used to it as well as being quite happy about it come to that

    Guess i'd better check out this other thing innit

    I'll get that done this evening John, a few others to
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    Hello John:

    I've started to put together my laptop audio system by getting my first piece yesterday; the Cambridge Audio Azur 640A V2 Integrated Amplifier. I saw it for sale used on the internet and in my home city to boot. It's two years old and in perfect condition - not a blemish. I paid 215 pds. I hope I didn't overpay. Anyways, now I'm looking for an external DAC. I wrote to you in particular because you mentioned in a thread that you have tried 7 DACs under the 500 mark and you like the MS 11 the best. Can you tell me what your sound tastes are and what you like about the MS11 that the other DACs don't possess. Can you list the others that you have heard? I'm leaning toward the MS11 or the Little Dot DAC. I don't listen to headphones at all so these two would fit the bill.

    So, if you can spare a couple of moments I'd love to hear of your experiences. Thanks so much.

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