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  1. Hi Mike - sorry for the slow response - I didn't even know the message was here until I happened to look in my User CP section for other reasons!

    Anyhow, no, I didn't realise the pics in the review were of different items - the webzine editor sorts out stock photos after I have submitted the words!

    But looking at the review again, I see there is an exception to the above rule! ....

    The 2nd photo (closeup of the damping trough) was actually taken by me - so that was what was supplied and reviewed.
    I have no knowledge of any other arm being available with the deck - best to ask Tony at Nunu.

    Use a PM next time! - I'll get to see it sooner that way!

    atb, Jerry
  2. I didn't want ot thread-crap all over the "Get Your TT's Out For the Lad's 2013" thread so i thought i'd ask you here instead:
    The Oracle Paris review you linked to was an interesteing read, but as an owner of a Pro-Ject Carbon 9CC arm myself, i couldn't help notice that the fist pic in the review was of a Paris with a Pro-Ject 9CC Evolution arm.
    The one pictured later, with the trough and paddle is a Pro-Ject 9CC, the older/cheaper arm?
    Is it sold with either of them?
    Best regards
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