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  1. I see. The message only appears on your visitor message tab, not mine.
  2. Hi Marco

    I've just posted the ad. I've tweaked the copy so as not to mention RD, so I hope I'm within AoS's rules.

    I'm sure you'll shout if I've done anything wrong.


  3. Thanks Marco

    I try to have as little to do with RD as possible (he just makes me feel dirty), and promise not to mention him here.

    Your modding should stop me having to defend myself against him and his minions, so there should be not trouble at all.
  4. Hi Dave,

    No worries - you're welcome. Just make sure that no crap with Dunn is started. Please do not mention him or his forum in any way shape or form, during your time here. Also. when you post your ad, to sell the amps, the thread will be getting very strictly monitored!

    Anyway, good luck with it

  5. Hi Marco

    Thanks for the message via Jason. It's very much appreciated.


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