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  1. Hello Roman,
    I am afraid I recently sold my OL turntable and so no longer have any OL DC motors. What I can tell you is that I used the same controller box with the DC100, DC200 and DC300 motors without any problem. If you need any further help then you could email Mark Baker at Origin Live who is very helpful.
  2. Hi!

    I've found a thread where you was selling your Origin Live DC200 motor.

    Could you please help me with your new DC300 motor?
    I want the same motor but I need to check if it will work with my controller.
    Could you tell me the resistane between the motor coils?
    I very need this info an will very appreciate for your help!

    Do you have a multimeter? You just need to unplug dc socket from the controller and put one probe on the outer diameter of the socket and the other on the inner diameter. So your multimeter will give you resistens of the motor coils.
    Is it possible?

    my email is
    or terrom at this forum

    Thank you,
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