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  1. I sent the email on the Wed evening - I ran a quick test with myself (sent myself an email) and it ended up in gmail's spam folder, so not sure if your email provider is equally tagging it as spam.
  2. Gary,

    No problem, I think I kept a copy on my computer at home, so will retry and post tonight. Absolutely no rush though, I know you're busy, appreciate your help but there's no pressing urgency from my side.

    Thanks again.
  3. Darren,
    back from work and sat down to look at your PM.
    Resend it mate, I have the last 5 messages in my inbox, nothing else.

    Marco’s been trimming fileson the server again...
    Resend and I’ll reply tonight.
  4. Darren
    didnt see it mate, sorry!

    get back to you tommorow on it, long day working today.
  5. Hi Gary, I dropped you an email re the PS Audio DAC (via the forum send email feature), no rush on reply (it was lengthy), however I'm not sure if you actually received it.

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