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  1. Hi Gavin,
    Welcome to AoS. To enable you to send me your details via private message (you don't want to post them on the open forum) you have to have ade 5 or 6 postings (it's to prevent spam from cluttering the forum).

    Once you have made enough postings PM your details and I will get the Firebottle 2 up to you.

    Cheers, Alan
  2. I have been using a solid state phono for a good few years now but have been curious to try out a valve phono stage. I am happy with my solid state but really feel like a change. Over the last few days I have been doing some research and basically stumbled upon your phono stage due to the overwhelmingly positive response. I was seriously considering getting a Croft RIAA phono stage but have no idea how it would sound with my system and no chance to audition it.

    If possible I would really like to try out your Firebottle 2 phono stage. I have an Analogue Works Turntable with a Cartridge Man Music Maker MK3. It is quite a "musical" cartridge, so part of me is wondering whether a valve phono stage would be a good option. Perhaps it will add more "warmth" to the sound...I am not sure but basically I am looking for something different to the solid state I have (Cambridge 640P).

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