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  1. Cabinets? Well they ARE ported; a bit transmissionline-like. the lack of Cross-over does make the sound coherent. I now have 3 sets of fullrangers. PAWO horns; Zigmahornets, plus my Ocellias.
    I never needed too much power to run the Gs.Max 50 watts, less than 1/2 vol.
    Plug them in!
  2. I have yet to hear them in all honesty I'm sure i will do fairly soon though & they'll be on the back end of a KSA250, so no worries about driving them. I have heard they need a bit of current to get them lively so-to-speak & the Krell will certainly deliver in that department.

    Crucially the Glastonburys have no crossover in the midrange, which should be rather interesting as just about any other speaker does. Done passively with any normal speaker it'll never be seamless, though this can be approached via an active xover with Linkwitz/Riley filters & time delay compensation between the drivers to get the voice coils in line.

    I'm looking forward to having a listen, i'm just intigued as to why the enclosures are so huge when only accommodating a 7" bass driver?

    Perhaps i'll find out soon

    ATB, hope you have a pleasant weekend!
  3. You're right about the bass units (3090s V Glastonburys). Though I recall the G's being pretty good in that department. The 3090s have a 'big' sound, but probably not a defined as the Gs.
    I'm sure you'll like them. Basically, (as Max describes them anyway) a full ranger, with a 'tickler' for the top.
    So, here I am, with the same thing (Ocellia Calliopes); why did I change, I ask myself!
    Playing 'Tin can trust' , Los Lobos on 3090s as Have house to myself!
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