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  1. Funny; was listening briefly to Bastanis the other day. First time ever.
    Still think you're crazy (driving!). i held off going 125 miles last week. Always SORN my car over winter! (Rented a van to fetch the 3090s)
    safe journey. Sitting snug and no intention of moving!
  2. Hi Chris,
    Yes finally got them sold. Didn't quite get what I wanted,but the guy bought the DPA amps too,so at least I can get the direct coupled amps finished finally!
    I haven't used the Acorns for quite a while as one of the panels needs recovered,which is a fiddly job. They do sound great though,far better than the III's, a lot more bass too.
    Just bought a pair of Bantam Golds to replace the DPA's, which will be used on a pair of OB's I got from Steve Aquapihrana, fed from a Behringer dcx2496. This will be used for AV duties once the direct amps are finished, till then for music too.

    Only downside is I have to deliver the speakers and amps,and the guy lives in London,so it's a long day for me on Saturday!

    Cheers from a bloody freezing Fife! (just waiting for the blizzards to descend)

  3. (I think ) I told you....wait long enough and things will sell. I had to wait 3 months to sell my Duos.
    Just bought rare set of Leak 3090s. Looming rather in my Living room - a big contrast from the petite self-build PAWOs I had there!(my main set-up is in the basement)
    One of the Bass drivers is grating a little, though I believe its possible to re-align the magnet. If I knew what a realigned magnet entailed I'd DO it! More research needed.
    How are the Acorns getting along? Better? More detail/bass etc?
    Looks as if I won't be scratching the Panel itch , after having ELSs in 1980!.
    Seasoned greetings; keep warm up there!
    Chris in (relatively!) balmy Bristol.
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