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  1. Thanks for the reply, Alan. Yes, I would be grateful if you would add my name to the borrowers list, please. Also, what is the price of the two-box phono stage you mentioned in your email? My pre-amp is quite an old Croft model with a built-in phono stage. I have enjoyed using it for many years. The reason I am looking to replace it is that after a period of dallying and faffing with a variety of power amps in my system, I have narrowed it down to one I want to stick with for the forseeable. It is a valve design with a single input source and a volume control. So not quite fish nor fowl if you see what I mean. It struck me as pointless and undesirable to run the signal through two lots of volume controls, so I thought I would treat myself to a change/upgrade by replacing the Croft with a home-made source switching box and a good quality stand-alone phono stage. That's where you come in! Regards. Gary.
  2. Hello, Mr Firebottle. I have just joined the forum, but to save you the time and trouble of reading my introductory post I will mention that I explained in it that I have sort of "lost my way" a bit with my vinyl front end. Too many changes made at once and I'm not sure how to get back - let alone improve upon - the sound that I like. I have heard very good things about your phono stage, and at the risk of complicating things even more, I wonder if it would be valuable for me to explore the possibilities here.

    I have read an old thread, involving Old Pink Man, which related to the development of the early prototypes and early production models of the phono stage. But that was some time back, and I am wondering what iteration of the unit you are on now, what the choices are and what the cost is. Also, do you happen to know where the itinerant loan unit can be found at the moment?
    Many thanks for your help. Regards. Gary.
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