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  1. Also(I know it's only aesthetic)but I love the look of your unit with the valves coming out of the top , is this the same one you propose? If not is it possible to do as I think it's important to look the part as well as sound it? And will I need a seperate PSU to improve the sound like my current phono?
  2. Ah ok I see. I wondered why I couldn't find it. Thanks . Well I'm definatley interested in one. I would have liked to try one first but unfortunately I've just moved to Melbourne from the uk so the loaner scheme is not doable now. Which leads me to my second question.... can you do international shipping? If so how much would it be?
  3. Hi Karl,
    Once you have made another 5 posts (I think that's right) you will be able to PM.
    The Firebottle Plus MC/MM is 500 plus p+p, built to order.
  4. Hi Alan I can't quite find how to private message you as I'm a newbie to the forum. I'm looking at getting a valve phono stage for my setup and yours come highly regarded. I currently have a modded rp6 with exact, brio r and GS gram amp 2 se which to me sounds great , but I feel I could do better in the phono department and a valve phono will get the most out of my system as I play mostly vinyl. Was just wondering what you offered and the prices please. I feel I will be going moving coil in the future so to have the option would be great. Also I have a budget around 500. Apologies if this is insulting and doesn't come close but I can't find any new info about your products,only older threads from years ago where prices are around 325. Would consider any used/b stock etc etc if it means saving a few quid.
    Thanks in advance
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