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  1. Hi,
    Sorry to have upset you -you'll just have to start buying HFN now!

    As to a DD for 12" singles, it depends on your budget, but a few suggestions would be the following:

    - Technics SL1300/1400/1500/1600/1700/1800 series. All very similar but are various combinations of manual, semi-auto and fully auto. the Mk2 versions are better but can have cueing issues - this can be fixed but is a fiddly job apparently!

    - Pioneer PL600/630

    - Sony PS4750/6750

  2. Eyup beobloke.

    Really sorry to hear that you have moved on to HFN. i really enjoyed your column in HFW. Just wanted to wish you all the very best.
    Looking for a reasonable second hand DD TT just to play 12" singles on.Any suggestions?
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