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  1. Hi there, sorry for the delay in responding. I have never owned the Spendor SP1, but do have BC1, BC2 and Rogers LS3/6. Your system should not sound constricted. I would not think thst the speakers are causing this, unless faulty.

    The most likely suspect in my view would be the pickup cartridge, perhaps try another.

    Your recordings, if from the 50's may not be of that good a quality anyway.

    Try some different sources as inputs, CD, Radio even PC.

    I hope this is of some help.
  2. Hello
    I am a new poster and as I have been a long-time Spendor fan and SP1 user I thought I might ask you a few questions. To the point, my system sounds dull, constricted, and I have been told different things as to why. One experienced party who refurbishes electronics and is a big Leak fan told me Spendors must have high-current solid-state amplification. Another told me, not true w/ the original SP1s but true w/ newer models. I listen almost entirely to 50s small-scale jazz/classical. The rest of my system consists of c-j MV75 amp, c-j PV2a pre, Sota Sapphire w/ Well-Tempered Arm and Grado Sig. 8MZ, and Discovery cables. Natural timbres and sound very important to me and why I discarded Dynavectors for cheaper Grado. Any suggestions?
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