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  1. Mark

    Sorry forgot. She DID get all 8 spikes and locking nuts. Took them off the speakers with 2 locking nuts (1 small and 1 large) for each spike and bagged them myself.

  2. Hi Mark

    I had the speakers about 6' apart, slightly toe'd in. They do sound quite different to B&W and I'm sure that you will get used to the tonality they can produce which I've always described as BBC neutral.

    Good luck with them.

    Regards Clive
  3. Hi Clive
    Took the journey across to Norfolk on Sunday and returned with a lovely pair of Spendors. I gave them a good listen at theirs and completely understand where they were coming from. Their listening room was quite small and I think the speakers required a little more breathing space.
    I got them set up late last night and my first thoughts were I didn't like the sound of them! I can only assume that I'm so used to my B&W's. But having listened this morning and this afternoon I'm really starting to take to these, hopefully that will continue. I have a 13' x 16' room and they seem to sing quite nicely. Did you find that each speaker liked to be quite apart from each other? I have also a slight tow in although I'm still playing around with this.
    One last thing, Lisa mentioned that she had only 7 of the spikes and that she thinks that you may have the 8th one. Not a problem if not, I will have to give Spendor a call.
    All the best,
  4. Hi Mark, I think he meant neutral as the speakers have very good bass, but don't put them in a corner or they may have a tendency to boom. I used them with Cyrus but I demonstrated them with MF many times.
    Any high end speaker cable from Chord, TelariumQ or van Dan Hull will work well. I used Chord Signature which I still use with my Spendor D7's

  5. Thank you for your reply. I am going across to Norfolk on Sunday to have a listen and possibly purchase. When he mentions clean, does he mean a neutral sound or not very heavy on the bass (if you know what I mean). I have spoken to a few people about these speakers who ave mentioned that they make a good match to musical fidelity equipment. Also what cables would you recommend with these?
    Kind Regards
  6. Hi Mark, the ones on e-Bay are my old speakers. I sold them to a lovely couple who live in Norfolk but sadly when he set them up in his room they did not give the sound he was looking for. He phoned me for advice and described the sound he was getting as "too clean" for his room. He is using them with some older Arcam kit. I did give permission for my photos to be used. The speakers were in excellent condition so are as described.
    Regards Clive
  7. Hi Clive, just a quick question. I am looking at buying a pair of Spendor S8e speakers which I believe may of been your old ones. Did you sell them to somebody in Norfolk?
    Regards Mark
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