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  1. Apologies, I only just picked up this message. I do have complete newly made drivers from Vifa. They are 69 each inc p&p and vat. I don't sell re-foaming kits. You can get them from a seller in Holland via ebay. I have a few customers who've tried that and who haven't been happy with the results. Doubtless there are others who are but I don't hear from them!

    I do also have precision cut foam fronts and the velcro if needed.

    Drop me an email at and I can give you more information.


  2. Hello Guy

    Andre mentioned that you may be able to give me a price for a pair of replacement bass drive units for Heybrook HB1's, and also a price for the refoam kits. Can you confirm if the refoam is a difficult job and if the kits come with detailed step by step instructions?. Delivery would be to Berkshire.

    Many Thanks
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