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20-08-2008, 19:03
Hi Folks, our new web site is now fully open and ready for business. There is not a huge amount on there just yet but we hope to grow it quite quickly. You can find it at www.usedhifishop.co.uk. The old site - www.greenhomeshop.co.uk will still remain, we will still be doing the recycling bit but hope the audiophile side of things will kind of support it. The products in the new site are not recycled, they are all bought and sold on as working items. We will be doing some new stuff as well. Please do check out our Sterling Black Mamba 2.5 metre speaker cables - nearly 450 strands of OFC copper in each conductor, they come in a nice presentation box and with choice of spade or banana connectors - all for just 39.99 including UK delivery. You will find them in our accessories section.
Do have a look, I hope you like it, if you have any feedback please do let me know via the "contact us" link.
Best Regards,

20-08-2008, 19:40
Looks good! A long shot, but if you ever come across an Elcaset deck in your travels (esp. either a Sony EL-7 or Technics deck) let me know!

All the best, Nick

21-08-2008, 07:52
will do, we get all sorts of stuff so you never know.
All the best,