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Reid Malenfant
21-02-2011, 18:41
It's a tad difficult to know where to put this so here will do :)

It's been a while since i used my HC5000 projector but at the end of yesterday evening i decided to give it a spin seeing as my system is now sorted.

What i wasn't expecting is the difference in picture quality compared to how it used to look. Even though it's been a few months it was obvious to me at any rate. I took a few screen shots with my camera but like a prat i didn't set it to the night setting, indoor may be ok as well come to think of it. I deleted them & i'll get some better ones this evening :eyebrows:

The differences in picture quality come down to cabling & mains power. The PJ just used to be connected to the mains with a standard kettle type lead & to the BD player via some non descript but decent HDMI cable. Now it's powered from a PS Audio P600 feeding a Belkin PF40 & then to the PJ via a screened Mark Grant DSP 2.5 mains lead & a Mark Grant G720 HDMI cable.

No going back, it was like a totally different animal altogether. Vastly superior & i wasn't even watching a BD with the best picture quality :stalks:

21-02-2011, 23:56
Mitsubishi have produced some of the most crisp LCP projectors. I still enjoy my HC6000, although I must admit that I have not had it fired up for several weeks.
But I guess that my dad will come by tomorrow evening when chelsky visits Copenhagen - time for some HD footie delight... no guarantees for the quality of the game

Reid Malenfant
01-03-2011, 19:06
Yes i agree with the "crisp" bit ;) Bit of a big step up from a Sanyo PLV-Z2 at 720P in fact it's strange to think i'm only on my third PJ fullstop. I really don't see the need to change this, i think you probably realise this yourself as you have a similar model, though possibly slightly better in the dynamic contrast ratio department.

A friend that i sold the Sanyo to keeps pestering me to flog him this HC5000 as he's put over 3000Hrs on the bulb on the Sanyo but in all honesty it's so good i just don't feel like tempting fate by selling it. I can't hack DLP projectors due to the rainbow effect (i can see it) & contrast ratio is also an issue with most of them :rolleyes:

Stick with the Mitsubishi i think :eyebrows:

01-03-2011, 19:51
Rainbows belongs on the sky, not on the screen.

It is my first, but I did a lot of footwork and visted a couple of experienced PJ owners, before buying in. Even saw a 10.000 SIM2 with rainbows, so DLP was a NOT for me.
Liked the JVC HD1/10 but that was another 700 ; granted giving more contrast. But it was also to big for where the PJ was to stand.

Tonight it is time to power up again; Chelsky vs ManU