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19-02-2011, 11:23
It's time to change from my 32" crt telly to a new hd version. My research so far is that 100hz seems to be the max. refresh rate on this size screen whereas larger types go up to 400hz. Am I missing out here or is 100hz sufficient to stop smearing with this size screen?

Reid Malenfant
19-02-2011, 11:48
In all honesty i think you'd be better looking at the panel response time rather than extra processing. If you get a fast panel & 100Hz processing then it should be very good indeed.

The problem is that sticking 100Hz on a panel with more than a few milli seconds of panel response will show that smearing again. If you left it at 50Hz & shut down the processing you'll find it'd look better :eyebrows:

Jac Hawk
19-02-2011, 12:00
Best thing to do is go down to the shop and get them to put some football or tennis on, that'll show up the weaknesses of the display and help you make a better choice

19-02-2011, 12:25
Much appreciated but what is the 'panel response time' and how would I find it?:scratch:

Reid Malenfant
19-02-2011, 12:31
The manufacturers should quote it in the TVs specifications. Basically it's how fast the pixels in the panel can react to change, whether it be LCD or plasma.

If they can't change from on to off or whatever very quickly then there is no point in having faster processing ;)

19-02-2011, 14:09
Marketing pish. I have a 600htz Panasonic Plasma and cannot see any real difference on or off and this has been corroborated by ISF calibrator over on Avforums. On CRT's 100htz was of benefit to stop 50htz that some were sensitive to. Dont confuse the screen response rate with this 100-600htz thing. the latter refers to the subfield and has more to do with noise and colour and we are talking microscopic differences here.

Take care when viewing a screen in a shop as they often have all the processing turned on which can cause artifacts and their own judder issues. Technical reviews on websites ie Techradar are a good starting point to get a shortlist of screens to go and audition.