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14-08-2008, 10:11

My name is Virgilio and I live in the Spanish Pirinees mountains.

i just new in this forum, but I enjoy music - listen and playin´- since the 80'.

I began to read music forums years ago.

I´m an enthusiatic music components since the 90´. I have live for many years in Germany and there I had a good old Engenier who introduced me in the Stereo and Hi-end Scene. There I started some DY Speakers and to try "to get the musicians" in my room....

Now I live in a small village quiet back from the world... but I met another Ingenier... who has expent his all life in making acustic rooms, acustic furniture etc.

He has a very small company of hand-made furniture and fittings for audio.

Just visit the web site www.artesaniaaudio.com wich has an English part.

Jose Luis, the Ingenier has make this products since the 90 and sold them in Spain, now he asked me to Show them in other Countries... so I decided to introduce them in this Forum wich I use to read.

please visit the website and tell me what you think about it.



14-08-2008, 21:59
Hi Virgilio,

Welcome to the forum :)

We have a few Spanish people here so you should feel at home. How did you hear about us and what system do you have?


28-08-2008, 22:12

i got A Thorens 124 + SME 3009+ DL103 and others AT 405 , AMP: QUAD 303, ROTEL 980, PRE: NAD & HARMAN KARDOM, CD: Philips 960 and MARANTZ. DIY speakers with Dynaudio parts.I got some MARANTZ REceivers and nakamichi & pioneer decks, ... also a technics DAT.aaa I have an old cyrus I.