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01-02-2011, 01:26
I have 2 Grado's and really like the warm sound on some vinyl that's a bit to bright; hate the hum. But, if/when I get an external PSU, will that go a long way in solving the problem? Or, will there still be an issue despite having an inactive or removed transformer/psu?

Anyone with a super modded 1200 use a Grado? How's the hum?

This is my last ditch effort to keep 'em.

01-02-2011, 02:23
I'd ditch them.

Until recently I used a Grado Platinum although not on a 1200, but a Thorens 160/SME and as much as I loved it in many respects, especially the treble register and voices, it was just too kind in its presentation. Too warm. It sort of brought Death Metal closer to Heaven for my liking. I will say though I never had a single hum issue although I have read of this point on other forums.

You don't mention which Grado's you are using.

To tie off. When I passed the deck on to Synsei I used a Goldring G900 to demo the deck and he walked away with the cartridge as well. A much more all round sound. A similar sonic signature to the Grado, but just more balls about the music. I think if anything it just went to show where the Grado failed.

I'd ask the opinions of other 1200 users for better alternatives.

Probably doesn't answer your question in the right tone, but I would try alternatives and then decide. You may be surprised at what you have been missing.

Grado's are right, but at the same time wrong.