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Reid Malenfant
28-01-2011, 13:53
I thought i'd mention this as i'm proposing to use a load of this stuff myself but for a different purpose. As i'll soon be running a fully active system i found myself in need of a good quality set of 6 way interconnects of at least 6M in length. Instead of using a bunch of standard two way interconnects i thought i'd try something different :eyebrows:

A trawl of ebay came up with a superb result:- Component video cables (http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/1m-COMPONENT-Video-HQ-SHEILDED-OFC-Cable-YpbPr-YUV-Lead-/380176735916?pt=UK_Computing_CablesConnectors_RL&hash=item58844c9eac) :cool:

At first glance this may look a tad odd, but take it from me that these cables are designed to work at frequencies of megahertz, so they are very well designed. Just like a good quality audio cable they are heavily screened & have an aluminised mylar foil for total screening. The core is a foam dielectric & OFC copper is used & each wire is a fairly substantial 6mm in diameter. Nice metal phono plugs with gold plated contacts, i could go on...

Oh, they are naturally 75 Ohm as well which makes them sutable for a digital interconnect :eyebrows: At the price they are being given away, even the 10M set is only 14.99 (http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/10m-COMPONENT-Video-SHEILDED-OFC-Cable-YpbPr-YUV-Lead-/380176744873?pt=UK_Computing_CablesConnectors_RL&hash=item58844cc1a9) with free delivery :mental:

I'll also be using these to connect from my blu ray & DVD player to my pre amp, 2 sets needed for each player ;)

I'm nothing to do with that firm other than i bought a load of these cables off of them & found them to be stunning value for money & as our leader would say the offer incredible SPPV :cool:

E2A:- Just so you understand where i'm coming from i'm using 10M of this stuff to connect the stereo outputs of my blu ray player to my pre amp & until i installed the dCS kit it was embarrassing my Krell transport for sound (24 bit lossless)..

05-02-2013, 19:04
I bought some flat ribbon SCART cables from them some time ago, couldn't afford a 6m QED job. They were every bit as good in both performance and material quality, looked like the same cable with slightly different metal ends, superb, cracking value.


05-02-2013, 20:05
I've used the supplier and they're reliable and prompt in delivery.

Mark, is the cable the same stuff as the 1m stereo pair with "digital" printed on the plug-outer? if so, I have some myself and find them very good - incredibly good for the money asked.

20-02-2013, 17:00
Looking for a component cable for my Dads DVD player, need to pop into the AV Forum more often!

Cheers Mark. :)

20-02-2013, 18:33
Is that the green/blue/red cable or the red/white/yellow one?

20-02-2013, 21:39
Is that the green/blue/red cable or the red/white/yellow one?

Green/blue/red bernie


21-02-2013, 13:19
The same cables are available with red/black/yellow and pairs with just red/black.

Been using these for a few years when I need long cables and have had them permanently in use to the rear channel amps. Perfectly good cables for these sort of duties