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Mike g
08-01-2011, 10:34
Hi all

I took my ol arm off my 1210 to out on my new sp-10. The ol arm has the threaded vta adjuster. What I can't remember is whether the vta adjuster sits flush on top of the ol arm board or whether this drops thru the hole? If as I suspect it drops through the hole on the arm board then is will need to increase the hole size on the sp-10 arm board as it is a mil or so too small at present.



Spectral Morn
08-01-2011, 18:28

It screws on the arm stub and goes through the mounting hole. If the arm board is thin you will also need the under collar so you can screw the tightening bolt tight.

Regards D S D L

Mike g
08-01-2011, 21:24
Cheers thought that will be the case. Will either see if I can use the origin live armboard with the sp-10 or get a cone cutter to enlarge the hole.