View Full Version : Seeburg Library Unit

26-07-2008, 17:20
Has anybody come across these? A friend of mine has one for sale and I'm stuck as to how to advise him. I rebuilt it and sold it to him a few years ago and I'd like to be able to give him a fair valuation, based on what a good example should sell for.

OK. Background to this is I wouldn't mind buying it back but I don't want to offer too high (which would be stupid and I can't afford anyway) or too low (which would be unfair). A pair; one almost working (pre-amp overhauled six months ago, mech needs attention) and one needing a major overhaul have just sold on Ebay in the States to a maiden bidder for the equivalent of 100. When I sold it to him, the one my friend has was in good condition, pre-amp rebuilt with new valves and mech overhauled but that was 14 years ago. To the best of my knowledge it has had no maintenance; not even a squirt of oil since.