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25-07-2008, 08:27
After hearing what a Idlier drive can do (I heard a 401 on a slatedeck and was stunned) I have had a serious think about the way forward Both Teres and VPI (would be nice to see some European company also do this) do versions of this and they will drive most turntables by all accounts the upgrade makes a big step forward. Teres claim this is the best way to drive a turntable.
So the project is to convert my turntable to Rim Drive.
I have a VPI HW19 MK4 with a heavy duty platter and SAMA motor a really nice deck that is several steps beyond the Orbe to my ears.
The rim drive will not work with this turntable and neither will the Teres unit so the first step is to convert the main body I decided to get a superscoutmaster body for 250 this seems like a absolute steal.
I plan to keep the platter and tonearm I use the Terminator prallell tracking arm which is one of the best arms I have ever heard regardless of price.
The Teres works out a good bit cheaper than the VPI route but will probarly go down the VPI route as no height issues between motor and platter and everything gels in so well.
I will need to get the duel flywheel motor with rim drive and SDS power supply.
I have asked VPI to cut out for the tonearm I use. The bearings should be identical but its not a hard job to change if different so ita just a case of removing and re-fitting items.
I read a few good things with what this will do to my system and seems to be a really cost effective way of having a turntable that is capable of completing with the very best money can buy.
Not sure if I gone totally crazy with all of this time will tell
Here are the links to the trwo ways i can see forward

26-07-2008, 12:08
Just wondering is there anyone who would want to hear the before and after differences to this project

26-07-2008, 17:03
It would certainly be interesting to read about your experiences on this project. I'm just about to embark on a Lenco modding project (after encouragement from Mike (Shian7), Greg and Prince Of Darkness on this forum) and there may be some synergies along the way.

I must admit that I came across the Terminator 'arm recently and was very impressed with the design, build - and price - of it. Out of my league but a fascinating piece of kit. I'd love a linear tracking arm, but a traditional once will have to suffice for the timebeing.

Are you going with a Slatedeck plynth for your job? They are beautiful, but lottery win sort of stuff for me :)

27-07-2008, 10:11
The Lenco is a great cost effective route to good turntable sounds, you need to get the plinth right and consider an arm change as well. The good thing about this is that if funds become availble you can always invest in a better plinth arm and cart.
The VPi will use the Super scout master chassis so it will be easy to use the rim drive, The SSM is chassis is quite cheap 250 so it means I can use my HW19 mk4 to add the platter and just means have to get the duel motor rim drive and SDS power supply to make it work.
Yes the Terminator is an amazing arm I used to have a SME4 which was silver wired this is a whole different league to that. I heard Vic (the guy that builds the Terminator)slatedeck Lenco and 401 slatedeck think the 401 is better but the Lenco is pretty good. Keep open a thread around your Lenco experiences plenty of great resources out there

07-10-2008, 15:58
Well its finally here got the rim drive Super scoutmaster and SDS. It will probarly take me a day or so to put it all together and maybe a bit longer to get it up and running
I will use this page to update and let everyone knows ho it goes expecting a few issues on the way but at least soon be able to listen to vinyl again
Not sure if thread belongs in analogue art section or here as part of the project is keeping my old TNT supper platter and using that on the SSM

08-10-2008, 05:12
First impression is the size of the flywheel must be 4 to 5 inches in diameter. I will start running in the belts today reading on Audiogon it takes at least this time for them to bed in
I have a few small techincal issues to overcome with the arm and bearing but nothing major I hope
The other good thing is that I have a spare VPI motor on loan so I can directly compare the idlier to rim drive with duel motor

19-10-2008, 11:12
Well finally got the rim drive up and running sounds really great no hum what so ever
The duel flywheel with rim drive is massive All I had to do was add the bearing and platter to super scoutmaster and adjust the arm to suit the new deck setting up the Terminator is very different to a normal arm but quite intuitive once you get to grips with it
For isolation I am using two marble plinth on top of each other then some squesh balls used in a ashtry to keep them in place I then have place a butcher chopping board on top
So right now I am listening to Aerial View by Gamalon just great jazz fusion and everything is so much more solid the music really flows although at some point i will put an airy3 in when I can afford too as the turntale deserves this.
Its been awhile since I listened to vinyl and really missed not been able to hear my Lp collection to my ears digital still has so much further to go
This has been a complete leap of faith on my part
After hearing what a slatedeck can do with a 401 just wanted to go down this route