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28-11-2010, 20:24
I have owned umpteen TT's over the years (been into hi-fi for over 30 of those), lost interest about 5 years ago then when I set up my own mains cable company have become keen again to the point of obsession, well men need a hobby don't they!

My daughter who is now 9 has been taking dancing lessons for 3 years and the class location moved a year or so ago to a new building a few miles away, the old dance studio TT's and other vintage gear was all packed up (I had no idea about this at the time) and put in a storage cupboard in the new building.

When I was talking to the owner he mentioned record decks and I asked if I could see them, 1 year later finally got my mits on 5 x Goldring Lencos, all a bit worse for wear but they were bomb proof build and when I looked on Lenco Heaven it woke me up to what was possible with these swiss marvels.


I sent one of the best condition ones to North West Analogue who I heard about through word of mouth and bought a plinth off a website called things of beauty, will add links later, the before and after is below and I have to say that these Lencos are superbly built, even after maybe 20-30 years the motor is deadly silent, I am over-joyed at what Dominic at NWA has managed to do with the deck, cleaning it up etc. I was always heavily into Vinyl and still have 2000+ 12" singles and 100's of albums and still collect, now more than ever I am enjoying the vinyl renaissance and long may it continue.


The next step for me will be to get an oyaide turntable mat as marco pinched my last one to trial (lol) and then steadily improve the arm and cartridge as I think the Lenco could manage something much better, I put a Linn arm on first and nagoaka cartridge just to get it up and running quickly.

28-11-2010, 20:37
The plinth looks nice
It really would be worth putting a decent arm and cart on
Here are a couple more sites that explore the Lenco

Pete The Cat
03-12-2010, 21:04
Nice work. Gorgeous in fact. I'm just about to revive a 401 thanks to seeing things like this.


03-12-2010, 22:14
Its for sale now as an SL1200 has just come my way and a 401 soon as well!