View Full Version : Meridian 500 series system + Monitor Audio GR20's

21-07-2008, 09:47
Hi Folks, have just acquired this from an estate sale. it comprises of a 557 power amp, 501.2 pre amp, 506 24 bit cd player, 504 FM tuner, Pair of Monitor Audio Gold Reference GR20 speakers, Audioquest interconnects and a glass stand for it to sit on. All the components are in as new condition, the only exceptions being a tiny pull on one speaker grille and a few small paint chips on the stand uprights. All the manuals are present, as are all the original boxes, the speakers have their levelling kit with all the nice gold plated bits present. The system comes with the MSR remote controller and the comms lead that goes between the Cd and the pre amp. You all know what this stuff is so I won't bore you with the details. I want to sell the whole lot in one go if I can, asking price is 2,750. That buys you a complete top notch system with everything you need except speaker cables. I am open to offers on individual units, email me at greenhomeelectronics@ntlworld.com if interested. This is not listed on my web site yet.