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15-10-2010, 11:10
Firstly, please excuse my ignorance if the answer to this is an obvious one:doh:

I'm considering upgrading from Bi-amping to Tri-amping my Linn Isobarik set up, with a view to purchasing an active crossover at some point in the future.

Now, I'm using a Caiman as the pre-amp for my system, and am using split phono plugs to allow me to connect both of my power amps.

I'd like to have a separate amp for bass, mid and hf (I have 2 separate external crossovers for each channel btw) if possible and so I'm wondering if anyone has tri-amped their system using a Caiman and how this was done?

Any advice?

The Grand Wazoo
15-10-2010, 12:12
I've never tri-amped with a Caiman, but I have tri-amped.
You could just use an extra set of splitting adapters stacked

Or you could buy a small enclosure, some wire & four sets of phono sockets to make up a simple box with one set of inputs & three sets of outputs. I use something like this for bi-amping, though it has four sets of outputs so I can tri-amp if I want and attach my headphone amp. Dead simple to make - a couple of hours work and a few quid.

15-10-2010, 12:14
I can't see any probs using the Caiman as a pre with an active setup, just like using any other pre-amp, suitable cabling and away you go.

19-10-2010, 17:32
Bit late but if it helps...

My Caiman is driving my four way active xovers, actually PLLXOs, a DIY build. Not what you have in mind I believe so I will not elaborate.

Many Xovers, particularly pro equip, use balanced connections (say XLR) and a pro level signal (most likely not compatible with your set-up). I do not know which xovers you intend on buying but consumer type xovers are rare and expensive, with few exceptions. Be sure you matching like with like or their will be issues.

The Vinyl Adventure
19-10-2010, 17:41
I was going to use a behringer cx2310 between my caiman and a couple of amps ... Is this unlikely to work to well then?

Reid Malenfant
19-10-2010, 18:14
That'd work fine Hamish :) Just use an XLR on the input with the cold connection connected to ground as well & the Behringer will be happy running single ended, you could run unbalanced in & balanced out if you wanted as they are very flexible ;)

Just because they are designed to be run at higher average levels (pro gear) doesn't mean they won't sound good at lower levels, most hifi active crossovers will likely be powered from +/- 15V supplies (lowers distortion in the op amps) which means they'll cope with similar levels to the Behringer. Besides if you are thinking the S/N ratio will be lower then increase the input gain & cut the output gain, jobs a good one :eyebrows:

E2A:- You don't think i wasted about 300 just to find out that they are a load of junk now do you :eyebrows: This pair will be dropped into my system in the not too distant future ;)