View Full Version : Nagaoka MP11 & MP11 boron

Peter Stockwell
27-06-2008, 12:16
I've been looking over these Nagaoka cartridges. I like the look of a MP11 boron. It's not made anymore :(. However, the NP20 stylus with boron cantilever fits the MP10 & MP11 cartridge bodies :cool:. Is there any structural difference in the cartridge bodies MP10, MP11 & MP20 :scratch:. (The MP30 and MP50 use aluminium bodies and have a "fixing" screw for the stylus).

Excuse my ignorance, but when this carts are discribed as moving permalloy does mean the same as grados moving iron principle ? :confused:


Tony Moore
27-06-2008, 19:32
Hi Peter,

I had an MP15 for many years in the 70s. Then after a huge lull got briefly back into vinyl a few years ago and wanted a replacement stylus. I found a place selling the MP20 Boron one which fitted perfectly and sounded miles better than the old MP15 one. I believe the place I bought from said that the MP10,11,15 and 20 all shared the same body and only the stylus varied between models.


27-06-2008, 21:41
I have a mp11 boron in a drawer with all the other cartriges i just may use.. one day..
it has a very nice sounding in my view.. but not quite up to my kesiki blue..
hence why its in the drawer.. i may even sell it if you want it..


Peter Stockwell
28-06-2008, 08:17

You have a PM. ;)