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03-09-2020, 20:39
Hello All,

At Marco's request (advisement) I am on here to reintroduce myself to the forum.

I was a regular on the Yahoo Spendor users group for some years and have been into audio since my early teens.

For years I was a close friend to Amar Biswas (before he went rogue) and Glenn Croft of the then Eminent Audio.

After an accident I was encouraged to learn something new (as it was no longer possible to pursue my career as an electronics engineer).
So I retrained as a web and graphic designer and produced websites for Eminent Audio, Classique Sounds, Icon Audio, The Funk Firm and later Croft Acoustics.
Also I formed a company adapting cars for other wheelchair users working under a franchise with a supplier of adaptive driving aids Techmobility based in Colchester.

A few years ago a serious illness meant that I had to give up all of my business interests as I was hospitalised for the best part of a year.

For the last two years I have been heavily involved in a disability related charity Flying Scholarships for Disabled People and last year was awarded a scholarship to attain a light aircraft pilots license (LAPL). For me a lifelong dream to learn to fly was accomplished.

Recently I have been working again with my long time friend Arthur Khoubesserian on a very exciting new project which I recently introduced to Marco and which I see has already been announced exclusively here on A of S.

Full disclosure! I am a cable guy (don't shoot!) For years I have been developing and manufacturing my own range of interconnect cables, mains leads, digital and speaker cables.
Which are currently branded Pink Triangle (although that might change), so far I sell via personal contacts and word of mouth. Discussions are IP with Marco who may be kind enough to review some time in the future.

Mainly I am here to promote and discuss Funk's new offering and the latest revelation from the mad scientist himself Arthur Khoubesserian the "Houdini" which is truly magic and the cause of great excitement on our part as it truly delivers great sound.

Some more about the Funk Houdini in the magazine ad which I have produced earlier today. Also visit http://www.thefunkfirm.co.uk for latest news and product offerings. We are currently very busy with everything that a new product launch entails.

Also please join our Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1189164577798708 for all latest news and updates.


Over to you for any comments or questions.

Best Matt.

04-09-2020, 21:44
Being a bit of a Funk "fan boy", I am looking forward to getting my hands on a Houdini.

06-09-2020, 06:31
Being a bit of a Funk "fan boy", I am looking forward to getting my hands on a Houdini.

Hi Kevin, Arthur has very kindly allocated some of pre-release press models of the Houdini to A of S members if you want to get in early simply
drop Arthur a mail saying that you have come from here and you will be able to have one now instead of a six week wait.

Arthur can be reached on info@thefunkfirm.co.uk

All we ask is that you come back here and tell people about it. We want this to be a word of mouth thing which Marco has already kindly started.

Hope you enjoy and thanks for your input.


06-09-2020, 09:09
how much flex between cartridge and headshell does this introduce?

06-09-2020, 18:39
I see from your website that the depth of this unit is 6mm
Can you please tell us what the weight is ?

06-09-2020, 18:55
About 2g.

07-09-2020, 02:17
how much flex between cartridge and headshell does this introduce?

Hi Karma,

The smart answer is "Enough to do it's job of decoupling the cart from the headshell".

It's a suspension device it has some movement holding it you can wiggle it in all directions by about 1mm except the one direction that needs to remain stable (which is where torsion tether comes into play).

To stop it moving beyond 1mm of play there is a floating retaining screw. This stops the unit being damaged if mishandled.

When the needle is on the record you will not see any movement in the Houdini isolator whatsover.

Ultimately it doesn't matter. It has been engineered by the Mad Scientist to simply work and deliver great sound. Which it does in spades.

Regards, Matt.

07-09-2020, 02:20
I see from your website that the depth of this unit is 6mm
Can you please tell us what the weight is ?

There are two versions of the Houdini dependant upon how you mount your cart.

For carts with captive nut or a tapped thread (such as ortofon 2m range) Houdini is 1.7g

For carts with lug type mounting (Ie Grado bronze to gold range) Houdini is 2.3g

Hope that helps.


08-09-2020, 17:47
The only thing stopping me investing in a Houdini is a potential compatibility problem with my FX1200.
I have just over 6mm of VTA adjustment available, and it measures 6mm. It was probably quite a challenge to package it that small, but as I can’t change my head shell, it limits my cartridge choice somewhat.

I am going to have to check which cartridges I own that can be used with it to see if it is worthwhile me investing in one. I understand that from Matt that the “threaded cartridge” option is the more universal, but AK seems to think I will struggle to make this fit. His exact words being “but for an expert like you, it will be a walk in the park. Ahem... Ahem....”

As I use both threaded and through body cartridges, I think my best course of action is to wait for others to try one first.