View Full Version : 432 evo music servers at the little audio company

the little audio company
05-08-2020, 22:17
To join Innuos, the little audio company has added Belgium based 432 EVO music servers to our growing range of brands. All 432 EVO servers store your digital music and rip your CDs to SSD digital storage, as well as give you access to TIDAL, QOBUZ, and Spotify streaming services and internet radio. They’re all fully Roon compatible, and have an ace up their sleeve - ten different digital filters to tweak the overall sound to your liking, including a filter that retunes music to 432Hz - the frequency that all instruments used to be tuned to.

Except the Essence model (a server with on board DAC that acts a full stand-alone streaming source for any system), any 432 EVO model can be upgraded to any of the higher models.