View Full Version : New Ringmat tonearm cable

08-07-2010, 21:51
Just fitted a Ringmat tonearm cable to my jelco arm. I had been using the supplied basic cable but thought it might be time to make an effort and buy a descent wire. It looks well built with german cable and WBT connectors.
Im very pleased with the sound. Easy on the ear and smoother sound but the biggest surprise is a fuller bass which keeps catching my attention. These things do make a difference:)

09-07-2010, 09:08
How much was it Colin if i may ask ? , i take it the Jelco did not come with the neglex cable then ! .

10-07-2010, 10:51
Sorry Chris, birthday weekend and things got a little messy.
The Neglex cable didnt come with the arm , just a basic one which looks like the standard SME cable.
I was bidding on a jelco neglex on e bay and the price shot up to the normal cost price so i stopped, only to get an e mail offering me 2nd bidder transaction.
It felt to me the seller as getting his mate to bid up and so i refused to take the deal.
Then i did a search for tone arm cables and this one came up 2nd hand for 120.
I remember it got a good write up in HFW so i took a chance. Happy ending for me thankfully.

10-07-2010, 13:03
So many cables at new price are so expensive, especially when I made up a van damme pro-Patch mic cable based one with Neutrik phono's and Cardas arm connector for around 15. Jolly good it is too - more to come when I get round to my TD125/R200 thread ;)

17-07-2010, 09:40
Hi Colin and Dave

Very good outcome then ' dave that Van Damme patch cable is excellent J7 uses it does he not .

17-07-2010, 10:45
Yes he does and I have the evidence... :lol:

My home made cable was too frail for man-handling into the TD125 and I broke a connection. Re-soldering it and using some heat-shrink-with-glue has now made it a vertical entry only, with no "bend" in it, so I resorted to the AO cable which is made with a blue coloured version of the cable. Works fine and sounds lovely.

I'm really becoming a grumpy old sod, dividing the selling prices of these cables by ten at least in an attempt to find the true costs of these things. The fact that they're sold online makes it worse for me to consider, as only one party makes all the profit, rather than the manufacturer, agent and dealer.

At the end of the day, if you have bought these cables and love what they do (or don't do with the music), then that's all that matters and I'd be a lot less grumpy and cussed with some regular disposable income to budget for these things.