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12-06-2008, 21:31
I've just picked up a Nagra IVS-TC 4 S. It's a beautiful piece of kit. Something I have always looked forward to owning... what I need some help with though is connectivity.

I'd like to be able to put together or buy a set of input and output cables. The in/outputs are unbalanced - I have wiring diagrams so that's ok - the connectors on the Nagra are 7-Pole Tuchel connectors (6 around the circumference and 1 in the middle). Is anyone familiar with these connectors and where they might be found? There are none in all the obvious places and I'm unsure which type of plain connector to get if I were to make my own cables up, even after looking at the Amphenol-Tuchel website.

Thanks for your help!

trond kjetil
14-06-2008, 19:35
May be this web page is at help for you:


On the right side of the Nagra you can connect cables with ordinary banana plugs to the outputs. For the inputs you may use ordinary 7-pin DIN plugs, you don't need the tuchels. What pins that should be used are marked on the Nagra, so it should be fairly obvious.

The 7 pin tuchel at the left side need to use the following pins: Pin 7 (the middle) is for signal ground, pin 1 is for right output, and pin 3 is for left output. You don't need any other connections.

The 7 pin input contact use the same pin configuration: 1 is right, 3 is left, 7 is ground.

I have a Nagra 4.2 myself, have used it many years for movie sound recording ;)

15-06-2008, 10:27
Thanks for the link - I'd actually already seen it, it's a brilliant page for someone getting to know their Nagra. The thing is though that I'm not sure which size Tuchel connectors to get... it's interesting that you say you can use ordinary 7-pin DIN plugs for the inputs. I'll definitely check that out.

I should say that since my post I've been able to buy a couple of made up cables which should arrive next week. When they do I'll post back once I've been able to establish which connector size they use, so anyone else coming along later might get pointed in the right direction.

Thanks again for your help!