View Full Version : Miles Davis, Birth of the cool film

21-03-2020, 17:20
For those interested there's a film, documentary about Miles Davis currently available on BBC iPlayer.
Well made and informative about his great talent (and the bad side of his nature). Brief but worth a watch.

21-03-2020, 20:04
Watched it. Great film.

Made in 1968
21-03-2020, 20:10
Watched him in an episode of Miami Vice the other night..

21-03-2020, 21:19
Yes, I watched it as well. A very good documentary.

05-04-2020, 08:17
I'm getting close to finishing his autobiography "miles",
I fear it's going to end before any Miami Vice stories ��
Hope I'm wrong.

05-04-2020, 08:30
Yes I enjoyed it too. The film 'Miles Ahead' is on Netflix. Directed by Don Cheadle. He also plays Miles. It's pretty good I thought. Worth watching in between trips to the supermarket, the refrigerator and the garden! ;-)