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Neil McCauley
10-06-2008, 13:43
Slightly different this time. Not music, well not in the conventional sense. It's the Stereonow Bass Test Vol #1 CD. Some of you already have this.

I send these out post free globally. If you'd like one, then you can find out how here:
Feedback from users has been very encouraging - especially from those who find it of use when setting up sub-woofers. When I commissioned the CD, the thought of using it for sub-woofer work had not occurred to me. Strange how these things pan out.

I'm working on the concept of a volume #2 issue for later this year. It will be vastly more comprehensive and demanding for systems.

It’s not that I'm a bass ‘nutter’ you understand. It’s just that in the scores of home visits I make each year, bass issues are by far the most frequent tasks I'm invited to tackle.