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29-12-2019, 15:09

if the kettering on the facia of an old amp has started to ruby off, is there anyone that can redo this after a repant?

How do people reapply the facia lettering after a repaint?


02-01-2020, 11:24
Probably the best way would be to use Letraset rub-on lettering (or one of the alternatives available) having the font and style closest to the original lettering. It's not easy to use - keeping the correct spacing and making sure the lettering is horizontal is tricky, but can be done with care.

Afterwards, the newly applied lettering needs to be protected with a clear protective coating to prevent it being worn off with time.

Pigmy Pony
03-01-2020, 19:45
Letraset - that's a word I haven't seen in a lot of years! Didn't know it still existed. Been through a few sheets of that in my time, very comprehensive range of fonts/sizes :)

Made in 1968
03-01-2020, 19:55
The original will have been screen printed. Getting a one off done will be near on a no no..

03-01-2020, 21:11
When I wanted a new decal for a Goldiring Lenco 88 turntable I tried a local signs company who made a vinyl stick on for me - but I could provide the original if scruffy Lenco decal for them to scan. Admittedly I ordered 10 knowing others would want one or two which kept the cost down. They worked out at just over 4 each.


Might be worth a try.

Made in 1968
03-01-2020, 21:36
Looks great that. I bet your gonna be shitting ya pants when it comes to cutting the fixing hole & indicator lens holes out

03-01-2020, 22:04
Letraset may no longer be available, but there are other rub-down dry letter transfer sheets available.

Made in 1968
03-01-2020, 22:10
That was the nice thing about those early Trio amps, The lettering was pressed into the fasia & then filled with colour.. No Printing