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the little audio company
09-09-2019, 15:08
As of a few weeks ago, the little audio company are now Birmingham’s exclusive dealer for Bel Canto products, including the new e.One Stream MQA compatible network streamer incorporating TIDAL and QOBUZ.

If there are any Bel Canto products you’d like to hear, feel free to get in touch via phone or email (details in sig).


09-09-2019, 15:12
Fabulous news , been a bel canto user for many years and they have good repair service at loud and clear

really good to hear , using a pre 3 vbs at the moment and a FM1

15-08-2020, 09:45
My thanks to david for good service recently , great to have good back up with Bel canto products which are just superb