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05-09-2019, 17:03
Hi Guys

I want to upgrade the inductors in my ML speakers, I know the inductance 2.5mH but I have no idea of the DCR. Having done some research I understand that the DCR is crucial. However, it is not available. There are no markings on the installed inductors so I have drawn a blank there.

I would appriciate your thoughts please.

Many thanks



05-09-2019, 17:18
If you know the wire gauge, then you can measure the inductor cross section and core size, then look online for the length of that wire required to produce a 2.5 mH inductor of those dimensions. I'm supposing that info is available. If it is, then see if you can find the DCR for that length of wire somewhere, I reckon it should be available, probably on one of the speaker building sites.

05-09-2019, 20:37
You can measure it with a standard multimeter, but not to great accuracy if it is fractions of an ohm.

A more accurate method would be to put a known current through the inductor, say 1 amp, then measure the voltage across the inductor with the millivolt range on the multimeter.

For every millivolt on the reading that is a milliohm of resistance.

14-10-2019, 09:09
if your feeling flush treat yourself to the dats v2 software,it has built in capacitor,inductor and resistor measuring software.