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Light Dependant Resistor
21-07-2019, 04:48
Some developments with the 3 input kit and some news too. The kit has for over a year been offered with remote control
capability. The wiring or now lack of wiring with the remote board will make the kit quite a bit easier to get going.

A review from the beginning of the year. https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/260371-2019-stereocoffee-ldr-preattenuator-kit/

Pictured is the new remote board with integral current regulator 26421
Power is simply 12v AC to this board. The remote board with small handset, is provided pre wired for connection to the main board wiper and LDR board cathodes

In a few weeks there will be both fully built stereo coffee 3 input attenuators with remote option, as well as a kit providing
pre drilled casework and casework hardware. There have been further updates to the main board, resulting in the best audio
yet heard, from our attenuator.

Cheers / Chris

Light Dependant Resistor
15-11-2019, 19:54
The remote board now features 12v AC power - the same as the three input kit, the remote board too is now prewired making connection very easy

New User Projects at the website featuring Rob's Hypex build https://stereocoffee.wixsite.com/ldrpreamp/user-gallery